Dog Training Secrets Review

Do you want to be proud of your dog? I know your answer is a big YES! Whose dog owner who doesn’t dream of having one? But how could you attain of having one? Well all you have to do is do it alone by yourself and you don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring a dog trainer. Just sit down, read, and then follow all the instructions written.

What is Dog Training Secrets?

Charlie Lafave is the person behind Dog Training Secrets. It’s all about the secrets in training your dog effectively. Here, they teach the readers a step-by-step training system. It covers every dog topics that are helpful to new dog owners even the old ones. They given emphasize in every activities and lessons that most of the new owner doesn’t know. Even for those who are first timers, they will find it very easy to implement. Just read the book, understand it, and put it in action. Starting with basics then follows a little harder lesson and so on. You will not just learn dog tricks here, but you and your dog can bond together, do more exciting things, enjoy more experiences and intensify your relationship together.

Points Included:

  • How your dog’s mind works, and why he wants to obey you!
  • The secret “trick” to having your dog come to you and heel, every time!
  • What toys you should give your dog
  • House training secrets for puppies!

And lastly,

  • The book focused in giving information about different kinds of training.  It details a very simple, step by step training system you can use to house, potty and obedience train your new dog or puppy in short time as possible.
  • It contains a lot of techniques that are  easy to follow such as you can teach your dog or puppy how not to chew up your  shoes, jump up on friends and strangers, digging everywhere, non-stop barking and more
  • In just a week, I already trained my dog successfully about house train.
  • suited for owners  which  available training time is limited


Dog training Secrets is not just training your dog whatever time you want to. You have to do dome time management for your dog. Don’t over trained you’re dog for longer time in its practice. You must do it gradually and one step at a time. So not to make your dog confused. Let him master first one lesson before teaching or introducing another one.

Do I Recommend It?

I’m very impressed! It is guaranteed effective. The author really made it easy to follow. The book has great information and reveals the secrets beyond dog training. It’s not only informative but it also recommends different things that can help you to enhance your dog in different kinds of training. One of the best books I ever read.

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